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Open Letter to Josh Smith

Josh Smith TradeDear Josh Smith,

Nobody hates you, please get that out of your head. I will lay out exactly what people think of you and why:

1.  You are a local product, you are one of us. We love you.

2. TO (Terrell Owens) is a loser. Please do not do yourself the disservice of comparing yourself to him any way. He had some talent but he was the pure definition of a clubhouse cancer. He was confrontational to his own teammates; Jealous of his teammate’s success.  He only wanted praise, he did not care about the team. He forced teammates to pick sides. Look at every place he went, he left the place in ruins.  He tries to play the victim everywhere he goes after lighting the fuse.  He is a menace with replaceable talent.

Read the full story

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Why would any team want Terrell Owens

terrell owens

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens, the victim of all victims. He’s no Big Ben he says. He doesn’t understand why he has a bad rap. He was a model citizen in Buffalo. I guess he forgot he started complaining about the offense early. I guess he forgot how he got in the face of Tony Romo in Dallas repeatedly. I guess he forgot how he badmouthed the beloved child of Philly (at that time) during contract negotiations while also getting in his face. I guess he forgot how he called his 49er quarterback gay as a means to insult him.

Big Ben may be an idiot and he may feel entitled and lazy, but one thing I haven’t seen Big Ben do is embarrass his teammates or publicly badmouth them. Read the full story

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