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Falcons lose a close one

Falcons lose a close one

The Falcons finally lose. It was bound to happen at some point. Im still hungover and angry from the Superbowl loss. I attended the Lions vs Falcons game at Ford Field last week. Being a falcons fan and a lions fan I just wanted a clean game. I didnt get that. Falcons lose a close oneThe falcons showed me they still cant get pressure on the quarterback in the 4th quarter and the Lions suffered heartbreak. Fortunately for the Lions, they recovered with a strong defensive stand. The Falcons on the other hand still are showing lots of leaks. Matt Ryan is looking very average with lots of bad passes. I realize we lost our two best receivers but it shouldnt matter. And that last drive was disheartening. 3rd and one with about 54 seconds left, why not run it? I realize we have no timeouts left but then we have 4 throws after that. Sure the referees missed a pass interference call on 4th down but we need to make changes. Our offensive line doesnt get any push and our defensive line gets tired. Its a recipe for distaster. Through in the patriots loss two the Panthers ( a double whammy) and now the Falcons are only one game up.

The good thing is the Georgia Bulldogs looked impressive and are setting up an epic SEC championship showdown. The Bulldogs have their path layed down for them and their path is clear, even maybe with a hiccup along the way. Texas looked impressive as well and Michigan, although off this week, also has their path laid out for them.

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Superbowl prediction

Superbowl      I am a firm believer in patterns. I will not be watching the Superbowl because I am still upset about the Falcons’ loss and I am on a sports boycott to cleanse my soul. I have, unfortunately, found out who is in the Superbowl since it is plastered all over the regular news.

     I am rooting for Pittsburgh. I am a true believer in patterns and based off what I have seen so far, I believe Pittsburgh will win and will win comfortably. Here is why:

     First off, I believe patterns reset each calendar year so we do not have much of a pattern so far this year but we have enough. In 2010, it was the year of the expected. Two heavy weights in the finals with the favored heavy weight winning. The Saints who dominated the season with an amazing offense beat the perennial contender Colts. Nadal and Federer swept the Grand Slams, Serena dominated the women’s tennis curcuit. The Lakers outlasted the Celtics in 7. The UConn women’s basketball team dominated from start to finish and Duke took care of the men’s side. The only wrench I saw was the Giants winning the World Series over the Devil Rays. One would have expected a Yankees or Phillies victory.
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