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     I believe in stereotypes and I believe people should be judged. I really do not have time to meet everybody in the world so my strategy is simple:

1. I will use stereotypes to create my first impression of you

     a. This allows me to form an opinion of you before I meet or see you

     b. This allows me to not have to meet everybody in the world but allows me to have an opinion of almost everybody in the world

c. I may create my own personal stereotypes which do not agree with the commonly followed/believed stereotypes. My stereotypes are based off my previous interactions with people.

d. I will utilize as many stereotypes on one person as I can but the unique part of my system is you have 10 positive stereotypes going for you but if you have one negative stereotype which I consider a deal killer, I will not like you.

e. Many stereotypes are created based of actualities. For instance, I do often see many policemen at the donut shop. Indians are cheap. Read the full story

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