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Time for Round 4: Hawks vs Magic with my favorite Hawk Zaza Pachulia

Hawks Vs MagicI love Zaza Pachulia. He is my favorite Hawk. He is the only guy I see standing up to other teams. J Rich is an idiot. He said he came in because he thought Pachulia fouled Howard excessively. I guess he did not care that Howard threw an elbow. Plus, Pachulia was walking away from Howard when J Richardson approached him. Neg gain, Hawks. Richardson is a starter. Pachulia is our energy guy. I think we survive.

I hate how our coaches never posture by complaining about calls. Learn from Phil Jackson, it works and he has a ring or two. We need to start complaining about how Howard takes cheap shots all the time and because he is a star, he gets away with it. Howard has a delicate psyche, and if you mess with his head, he is liable to do something stupid on the court, get frustrated, overplay, and get technicals. We need to complain about Van Gundy complaining. Some of the battles are the playoffs are done off the court, but we never play those battles and so we lose them.

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