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2016 NBA Finals Prediction

2016 nba finals prediction

The Hawks flamed out in hawk fashion with little fight throughout and minimal adjustment. I feel they were always a step behind all season and they lost to all good teams all season. The Spurs also crashed out after playing poorly along with some suspect late game officiating. I think between San Antonio, Golden State, and Oklahoma City, The Cavs were hoping for the Spurs because I think the Cavaliers do well against teams that have slow guards.2016 NBA Finals Prediction

Of course, as we all know, the Cavaliers are already in. Toronto put up an occassional fight but missed too many open shots coupled with some of the most biased officiating I have seen in a while along with having the dufuses of Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy who will always support anything LeBron does. The embarrassing part was that the whole Cavs team was getting biased calls. How many times does Thompson push off on the oppononent who has better positionting (Answer: almost all) and how many times does the whole Cavs team set a pick where the picker either hip checks the opponent or moves with the opponent (answer: almost all the time). Read the full story

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2013 NBA Finals Update

2013 NBA Finals Update-

The Spurs have fortunately already proved me wrong. I am elated to be wrong. I am paranoid. I was worried when they were up 20 in game 3. So now they can only at worst lose in 6. My prediction was 5. They already won one game on the road and I predicted none. I said they would win one at home which they have done. Continuing my paranoia, I think they lose a close game 4 to make the series 2-2. Then they will pull out game 5 before losing game six and seven. Again, I hope I am wrong. This is all 2013 NBA Finals Update from here.

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NBA Conference Final Predictions (Updated)

I just realized that I never posted my predictions for the NBA conference finals but Ill give you my update along with what I thought initially

Western Conference Finals: Spurs vs Grizzles My original thoughts: The Grizzlies man handled the Spurs two years ago lead by Gasol and Z Bo. Gasol has only gotten better since then as has Mike Conley who has become one of the better guards in the NBA. The Spurs on the other have really not changed much since 2 years ago apart from simply getting older. They lack height in the front court. Parker has gotten better with a much improved mid range shot but Ginobili has gotten older and nobody has really stepped up from the young guys. The Spurs are reliant on the 3 point shot and the shots have to be wide open (except for Danny Green) and the Grizzly defense can shut that down. My prediction: Grizzlies in 6

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The NBA Failure 2012

The nba finals was a complete failure. There is a strong bandwagon of LeBron fans who says he undeservedly gets blame for all his past missteps. Boo Hoo. The guy caused his own downfall. He boasts about himself. He loves taking to the press. He is the one who voluntarily quit during key games. He is the one who made fun of Dirk for being sick during the NBA finals. He is the one who did not have the courtesy to tell the Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert, that he was going elsewhere and had a cheezy show to announce his decision. Ultimately though, he is the one who realized he needed someone better than himself to partner with to win a title. Not a leader, he is a Scotty Pippen.

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NBA finals 2012

Watching the Spurs lose to the Thunder was painful. You could see them get tired as the games went on and as predicted, the Spurs shooters all disappeared. You cannot rely on purely shooting 3 pointers but that the Spurs do. There is no way they would have been able to stop the Heat and considering I hate the Heat, this outcome is not so bad.

My prediction last round was the Heat vs the Thunder. I was off in terms of the number of games so consider me slightly human.

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NBA 2012 Round 2 predictions so far and how I did in Round 1

NBA 2012 Round 2My round one predictions were as follows with the results after it:
1. Hawks over Celtics (with a prediction of the Hawks losing to the Bulls
in round 2.  As we sadly know, the Hawks squandered a golden opportunity to
get all the way to the finals.
2. Heat to sweep NY: I was spot on on this. You know my feelings about
Carmelo and he did not disappoint. Carmelo was happy enough simply to score
3. Bulls sweep the Sixers: I of course did not anticipate Rose going down
so I was thrown off like everybody else. I however did not have the Bulls
winning the whole thing

4. Indiana over Orlando: Got this right. Orlando was dead in the water. I
thought they might win a game or two
5. The Spurs to sweep the Jazz. The Jazz stink, this was an easy call.
6. OKC over Dallas. I thought this would go to 6 or 7 and never thought we
would see a sweep. Dallas gave up 2 key role players in Chandler and Berea
and Odom flaked out so there was no chance to go far
7. Lakers in 6 over the Nuggets. I was calling this loud that the Lakers
would intentionally tank 2 games to take this to 6 so they could get Metta
World Peace  back for round 2.  I think this is what they did but they did
not anticipate Kobe being sick for game 6 and so it took 7. The lack of
height and really lack of talent prevents them from winning.

8. Memphis over the LAC in 7. I was almost right. I envisioned the games
they played against the Spurs last year where Memphis made everything
anytime but it never materialized.

Now for Round 2, here is what I was predicting prior to Round 2 starting:

1. Spurs over the LAC in 5.  The clippers are too banged up and do not have
enough talent to match the Spurs
2. LA Lakers over the OKC Thunder in 6. Too much height and the black mamba
and lingering effects of that last meeting in the regular season where OKC
choked. LA was my call for the championship. I’ll be happy if I am wrong on
this one since I do not like LA.
3. Celtics over Philly in 6 games.  Too much experience vs too little
4. Heat over Indy.  Too much talent at the top vs inexperience. Not holding
true after Bosh went down. I big blow. Another one I am happy to be wrong
about since I do not like the Heat.

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NBA playoff predictions 2012

NBA playoff predictionsPlaying the trends as you know I like to does not give any obvious answers this. Let’s look at the year so far:

1. Superbowl: The favorite New England Patriots lost to the Wild Card underdog New York Giants. Neither team is really hated.

2. NCAA basketball: The favorite University of Kentucky beat the dark horse Kansas. The U of Kentucky wildcats are hated mainly because of their coach (calipari). On the womens side, the favorite Baylor ran the table

3. Australian Open Tennis: The favorites on both the mens and womens side won. Both beat former stars who had to take a backseat.

Common themes: the favorite played in the finals and mostly won. The winners for the most part have a tradition of winning in that sport.

So who does this favor in the NBA. The Heat are the favorite but do not have a rich history of winning. The lakers, celtics and spurs have the tradition of winning unlike OKC or the LA clippers. Based off the tea leaves, I think the lakers beat the heat.

The celtics and spurs are too old and will wither in the playoffs. Chicago is a one trick pony and the pony keeps getting hurt. Okc will find a way to lose. The lakers basically have the same team as the prior years sans Odom but now they have a speedy guard and are flying under the radar. Despite the coaching of Mike Brown, Kobe will lead them to the promise land.

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Odds and Ends of the NBA playoffs

Odds and Ends1The Mavs are awesome. Odds on favorites to win the whole thing. They are everything the Lakers were a few years ago. Memphis looks like a complete team as well.

D Wade’s Take down. As have most people, I have seen it over and over and I am convinced it was purely a dirty move. He locked Rondo’s arm and pile drove him down.  The play was over a few seconds prior and Wade kept on digging until the pile driver was completed. Pure dirty play. He is a star and a top 5 player and because of this, the league would not dare suspend him.  But he is smart dirty. Do not get me wrong, I would love to have him on my team.

The Lakers. Read the full story

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Hawks trade breakdown: Hinrich for Bibby and Larry Drew

Mike Bibby

Mike Bibby

     I am a Mike Bibby fan and I am sad to see him go, however, I do understand that he is older now and not really that effective at this point in his career. Kirk Hinrich is an upgrade over anything we currently have in 2 guard spot but the problem with Hinrich is that in Chicago, they continued to draft point guards when they had him. Is Hinrich really a point guard, or is he more of a shooting guard? Either way it is an upgrade at a reasonable price. Read the full story

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Atlanta Hawks Stink, Melo is not that good, and Williams is better

Carmelo Anthony Knicks

Denver Nuggets sends Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks

As you know, I think Carmelo Anthony is one of the most overrated players in the NBA plus I think he is a drama queen. I find it laughable, that if the rumor is true that Isiah Thomas orchestrated the trade, that an owner would still rely on a person who was notorious for overpaying for players who thought they were better than they actually were. So New York gave up their whole team except for Amare Stoudamire. First off, I think this is an amazing tandem but, I think they are both second in command types. What I mean is that they are both Pippens with no Jordan, they are both Gausols with no Kobe, they are both LeBron James with no Dwyane Wade (a quick swipe at LBJ never hurts). Plus both are very childish volatile types who will quit when the going gets rough. The wildcard is Chauncey Billups who, despite his declining play, is a clutch player with a championship. Now for most smart players, I think Chauncey would serve as a mentor and a calming influence and clubhouse leader but I do not think Carmelo would defer to an older guy when Carmelo thinks so highly of himself. NY Knicks LogoSo when the going gets rough,I anticipate a lot of complaining and magnify that with a New York media frenzy and I think we have a recipe for disaster. Carmelo will get his money, which is his primary concern, and the New York Knicks will make the playoffs but they will not beat any of the top 3 teams in the East. They will, however, blame somebody or something else for their losing. I am not sure why New York did not just wait until the end of the season and get him for free, it does not make much sense to me but Isiah never did nor has Dolan. Read the full story

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