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French Nails and Long Nails

French-Nails I cannot figure out why girls get French nails or is it called French manicure nails. It looks so fake when and artificial. I almost always initially think they are fake nails when I first see them. Maybe some guys find it attractive but I do not see the point in such a rigid transition from opaque to clear. For some reason when I see a girl with them, I think of slutty trailer trash. I am guessing that is not the look the girls are going for since often times they are professionally done this way for special events like weddings..

Toe-Nails     I especially don’t like it when they are on the toes. The toenails do not have much extra hangover since you have to put shoes on and so it really throws off the balance of clear and opaque. A nicely filed set of toenails without any fancy manicuring is all that is needed to look good.

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