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O for 5 nfl and georgia mixes it up

O for 5 nfl and georgia mixes it up

Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoy the holiday season and I thank you for your loyal following.

First off in regards to the NFL. If the Falcons won, they were in the playoffs. They laid an egg. Since Im also a Lions fan, I was hoping the Falcons would win the division and one NFC south team and the Lions would take the wildcard. Obviously I also wanted the Panthers to lose. I also wanted the Seahawks to lose since they play the easy Cardinals next week.

O for 5 nfl and georgia mixes it up

Falcons vs Saints. They laid an egg. They couldnt get in the endzone against a battered defense. What was the problem. It wasnt easy to pinpoint. The only thing I like was the aggressive playcalling such as going for it in their own territory on 4th and one. Now the playoffs begin for the Falcons. Win and they are in. Lose, and they are likely out because I think the Seahawks will destroy the Cardinals. The good thing is that the Panthers secured a playoff spot and so perhaps they wont play all their starters.

Panthers vs Bucs: How lucky was the bounce. Newton fumbles the ball at the 2 yard line and it bounces cleanly right back to him and he jumps into the endzone. If he fumbles it away, the Bucs win. It wouldnt have secured a spot for the Falcons but it would have given the Lions some life if they could have won.

Lions vs Bengals: A big game came, and the Lions laid an egg. They could have been sitting pretty for the last weekend but instead eliminated themselves.

Seahawks vs Cowboys: THe Seahawks have an easy win awaiting so we needed them to lose. THe cowboys are now out. The falcons must win now.

As for the University of Georgia it was good but a mixed bag. In case you missed it, the NCAA created an early signing period from Dec 20-22. Georgia had the the best class they have ever had and flipped a couple recruits in the process. They now sit with the best recruiting class in the nation.

Now the bad is that Georgia’s basketball team recruited a 5 star baskeball recruit. sounds like good news. Why is it bad news? It is bad because it gives Mark Fox life to stick around. He cannot coach and and typically cannot recruit. He needs to be fired. He is the basketball version of Mark Richt.

I am nervous about Georgia in the BCS final 4. I think they will blow out Oklahoma and I think Alabama will await the Bulldogs. Im excited and nauseous. Go Dawgs!

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Dawgs vs the Tigers

Not the best, but a pretty darn good weekend

So the most important game of the weekend was the Dawgs vs the Tigers. After a terrifying first few minutes with Auburn walking into the endzone, Georgia took over and never looked back. Georgia has never received credit from the press at large all year and that showed even after the victory as they downplayed it based off the Auburn running backs injury. The committee, surprisingly also seemed to flip on Georgia by putting them at 3 instead of at 2 or even 1. Fortunately 2 or 3 is the same thing. In the back of mind as I went to bed excited i had this 2007 type fear that someone the committee would decide to put Ohio State and Alabama in the top 4 and put Georgia at leaving them on the outside looking in. That nonsense would have appeased the masses and the press would justify by some nonsense about the eye test and that the committee made a statement by simply picking the 4 best teams. This is the paranoia I live with

Dawgs vs the Tigers

I was satisfied to see Georgia at. I was elated to see Ohio State finally get screwed. I thought for sure OSU would be in and I really dont understand how they got beat out by an Alabama team who didnt beat anybody. If anything, I think the last spot should have gone to Wisconsin or USC. But im happy with the outcome.

Of the 3 teams Georgia could play, I think Oklahoma is the most beatable. It wont be easy but is doable. I think the Big 12 was overrated and Oklahoma’s defense is pourous. I dont think Oklahoma has seen a defense like Georgia’s and they will get rattled early. I actually think Georgia will win convincingly and meet Clemson in the finals. Im glad Oklahoma won otherwise we would have had both Ohio State and Alabama in the final 4.

Vintage Richt: Mark Richt had a season similar to all his Georgia seasons. Promise throughout the year, one surprising loss to a nobody and then a devastating no contest loss to a good team where it looked like the Richt team wasnt ready or did not know who they were playing. Except this every year Miama, enjoy. You will always be top 15 but you’ll never be.

As for the NFL, what a crappy weekend. I thought for sure the Seahawks would lose and they beat a one loss Eagles team, ouch. The Falcons threw out a dud. The Lions were horrible and are essentially out of the race. It is a 3 team race for 2 spots. We need the panthers and seahawks to keep losing. We have a big game Thursday against the Saints. If we dont win it, I think we wont make the playoffs.

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The BCS playoff stretch

The BCS playoff stretch

Georgias path remains clear. Win out and they are in. This requires beating Alabama which will be a good test. Alabama, with one loss, is a shoe in to get in. However, if Alabama loses to Auburn and then Georgia, we’ll address that later. The winner of the ACC is going to get in. Oklahoma will get in if they run the table.The BCS playoff stretch

The hiccups. Things are setting up nicely for Ohio State. The committee always loves them and so if there is any doubt, they’ll get in. If georgia loses in the SEC championship game, they’ll have 2 losses, the same as Ohio State. And they will have 2 great losses: Auburn and Georgia. Possibly the best two losses of any team. Part of this equation depends on how they lose to Alabama. If its close, there might be a chance to squeak in. If Auburn runs the table, they’ll have wins over a Alabama and top ten Georgia (twice). This should be the best two loss team. It would be hard to argue that Alabama wouldnt be in the playoffs with one less but the committee is unpredictable. If Miami wins out, Clemson would have two losses and Ohio State would probably push ahead. If Oklahoma loses in the Big 12 championship, realistically they shouldnt drop past Ohio State because they beat OSU but I think the committee does anyhow.
Best scenario is for Michigan to be OSU and just put this all to rest.

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Georgia's 1 path

Georgia’s 1 path

Georgia got a wake up call. I almost think the loss was a good thing. Hear me out. Georgia was probably full of themselves. They were 0000001 in the land and people were already talking about the Alabama vs UGA matchup in the SEC championship game. People were already saying how even if the Dawgs lost to Bama, they would still be in the top 4.Georgia's 1 path

Well now, Georgia got spanked. Georgia had alrady clinched the SEC east and so they are going to still get Bama in the championship game. Now if they lose that game, Georgia would be out. With 99% certainty, Georgia would be in the final 4 if they run the table from here on out. Notre Dame losing also hurt Georgia since that was their signature win plus it was a loss to the UGA former coach who usually never wins a big game, much less by a blow out.

So Georgia must Win out of course or this is all for not. Lets see if they are ready.

As for Michigan, MSU losing sucks as an MSU fan. If Michigan can beat Ohio State, this could bode well for maybe winning the Big Ten East. Is this the year a 2 loss team gets into the final 4.

Final Four prediction this week: 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. Miami 4. Oklahoma

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NFL coaches carousel

College and NFL coaches carousel

It is amazing how all the Atlanta/Georgia teams have similar types of coaches and that is not a compliment.

NFL coaches carousel

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The Pain

I have had to take a few breaks from sports. The pain of being a fan of the U of Georgia and Atlanta teams has taken its toll on me. I have become irritable, I have scared my children and I let the anger mess with all facets of my life. Ultimately, I cannot help it, why must our teams do this to us.

To live the nightmare of the Georgia Alabama game where we got the breaks, went up 11 points, only to completely tire out on defense and not stop a single runner. When all looked lost, we drove down to within the 10 with an opportunity. Simply spike the ball and realistically we had 3 opportunities to get it in the endzone. Instead we do not spike the ball, we let about 6 valuable seconds run off and then have a pass deflected and caught inbounds by our own player only to have the clock run off. Painful, excrutiating, I did not watch a bowl game after that and honestly have no idea who Georgia played and if they won.

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Open Letter to Josh Smith

Josh Smith TradeDear Josh Smith,

Nobody hates you, please get that out of your head. I will lay out exactly what people think of you and why:

1.  You are a local product, you are one of us. We love you.

2. TO (Terrell Owens) is a loser. Please do not do yourself the disservice of comparing yourself to him any way. He had some talent but he was the pure definition of a clubhouse cancer. He was confrontational to his own teammates; Jealous of his teammate’s success.  He only wanted praise, he did not care about the team. He forced teammates to pick sides. Look at every place he went, he left the place in ruins.  He tries to play the victim everywhere he goes after lighting the fuse.  He is a menace with replaceable talent.

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Georgia Dawgs is in

Georgia Bulldogs      As I expected, Georgia is in. Fortunately the NCAA selection committee is run the way it is supposed to be and not by the so called analysts we see on TV like Bilas, Phelps, Lunardi, and Dick Vitale. These guys are very biased to the power conferences and especially the ACC. They also only focus on a team’s wins and not their losses. What you are supposed to look at is the entire body of work. Yes, so Colorado beat Kansas State 3 teams, but they also lost to San Franscisco and Harvard. Play some tougher teams and play them tough, and you are rewarded, as you should be. Same with Virginia Tech, they were a good team all year.    Read the full story

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Joe Lunardi says Georgia Dawgs is out?

joe Lunard

Bracketologist Joe Lunardi

     Joe Lunardi, King Bracketologist, says that Georgia is one of the last 4 four out of the tournament. He, also, at the same time, moved Michigan State into one of the last 4 in. Now he says Georgia does not have any impressive wins. How about that Georgia does not have any unimpressive losses. They have beaten everyone they were supposed to. There last loss was to an Alabama team that has yet to lose at home. They have beaten Kentucky and lost a few heartbreakers with none worse than the last second shot by Florida to take the game at Stegmun into overtime.

      MSU has done less but is it because they did well last year in the tournament and Tom Izzo always brings outs the best in his teams in the tourney? They lost to supposed bubble team this past weekend, the University of Michigan, and they previously lost to MSU at home so you cannot make the argument that Michigan State is playing better later in the season. Read the full story

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