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Georgia Dawgs is in

Georgia Bulldogs      As I expected, Georgia is in. Fortunately the NCAA selection committee is run the way it is supposed to be and not by the so called analysts we see on TV like Bilas, Phelps, Lunardi, and Dick Vitale. These guys are very biased to the power conferences and especially the ACC. They also only focus on a team’s wins and not their losses. What you are supposed to look at is the entire body of work. Yes, so Colorado beat Kansas State 3 teams, but they also lost to San Franscisco and Harvard. Play some tougher teams and play them tough, and you are rewarded, as you should be. Same with Virginia Tech, they were a good team all year.    Read the full story

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Joe Lunardi says Georgia Dawgs is out?

joe Lunard

Bracketologist Joe Lunardi

     Joe Lunardi, King Bracketologist, says that Georgia is one of the last 4 four out of the tournament. He, also, at the same time, moved Michigan State into one of the last 4 in. Now he says Georgia does not have any impressive wins. How about that Georgia does not have any unimpressive losses. They have beaten everyone they were supposed to. There last loss was to an Alabama team that has yet to lose at home. They have beaten Kentucky and lost a few heartbreakers with none worse than the last second shot by Florida to take the game at Stegmun into overtime.

      MSU has done less but is it because they did well last year in the tournament and Tom Izzo always brings outs the best in his teams in the tourney? They lost to supposed bubble team this past weekend, the University of Michigan, and they previously lost to MSU at home so you cannot make the argument that Michigan State is playing better later in the season. Read the full story

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Georgia Dawgs chances

Georgia Logo     The Dawgs Men’s basketball team at times looks great and looks like a team that could make a deep run into the NCAA tourney. That was the first half of the past two games versus South Carolina and Vanderbilt. South-Carolina-LogoThen came the second halves of those games. Pure reliance on three pointers, the inability to block out for a rebound on the offensive or defensive end causes our demise.

I’m not sure what happens in the second half. I am not sure if we do not make adjustments and other teams do. Whatever it is, it does not make me a believer in Mark Fox. Vanderbilt-LogoI agree that the calls were not going in our favor but we made too many mistakes as a team. We could have easily overcome the calls. We still have a good chance to make it into the tourney with some winnable games left, however, our exit will be quick if we do not take care of this simple fundamentals.

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