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O for 5 nfl and georgia mixes it up

O for 5 nfl and georgia mixes it up

Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoy the holiday season and I thank you for your loyal following.

First off in regards to the NFL. If the Falcons won, they were in the playoffs. They laid an egg. Since Im also a Lions fan, I was hoping the Falcons would win the division and one NFC south team and the Lions would take the wildcard. Obviously I also wanted the Panthers to lose. I also wanted the Seahawks to lose since they play the easy Cardinals next week.

O for 5 nfl and georgia mixes it up

Falcons vs Saints. They laid an egg. They couldnt get in the endzone against a battered defense. What was the problem. It wasnt easy to pinpoint. The only thing I like was the aggressive playcalling such as going for it in their own territory on 4th and one. Now the playoffs begin for the Falcons. Win and they are in. Lose, and they are likely out because I think the Seahawks will destroy the Cardinals. The good thing is that the Panthers secured a playoff spot and so perhaps they wont play all their starters.

Panthers vs Bucs: How lucky was the bounce. Newton fumbles the ball at the 2 yard line and it bounces cleanly right back to him and he jumps into the endzone. If he fumbles it away, the Bucs win. It wouldnt have secured a spot for the Falcons but it would have given the Lions some life if they could have won.

Lions vs Bengals: A big game came, and the Lions laid an egg. They could have been sitting pretty for the last weekend but instead eliminated themselves.

Seahawks vs Cowboys: THe Seahawks have an easy win awaiting so we needed them to lose. THe cowboys are now out. The falcons must win now.

As for the University of Georgia it was good but a mixed bag. In case you missed it, the NCAA created an early signing period from Dec 20-22. Georgia had the the best class they have ever had and flipped a couple recruits in the process. They now sit with the best recruiting class in the nation.

Now the bad is that Georgia’s basketball team recruited a 5 star baskeball recruit. sounds like good news. Why is it bad news? It is bad because it gives Mark Fox life to stick around. He cannot coach and and typically cannot recruit. He needs to be fired. He is the basketball version of Mark Richt.

I am nervous about Georgia in the BCS final 4. I think they will blow out Oklahoma and I think Alabama will await the Bulldogs. Im excited and nauseous. Go Dawgs!

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Matt Ryan

The problems with Matt Ryan

The Falcons are chugging along with the same record as last year, a slightly improved defense that still leaks but with a struggling Matt Ryan. I don’t see the nickname “Matty Ice” as a fitting name. Here are the reasons why:

1. Lack of elusiveness. Despite Matt Ryan running a couple times in this last game against the Bucs, he rarely avoids a sack. You of course have some very elusive quarterbacks like Russell Wilson, Aaron Roddgers, and Cam Newton but even people like Tom Brady, who moves as fast as molasses, is better at avoiding sacks and stepping away from pressure. When pressure is near, Matt Ryan folds like a stack of cards. He rarely side steps tackles. It is a problem with no remedy.

2. He throws a soft pass. Some quarterbacks throw darts. When that is the case, only his receivers will catch the ball and if the defensive back is in the path, they cannot catch the ball. The problem with Matt Ryan is that he throws a soft ball. That is great for our receivers however if the DB is present, that is also great for the DB because it makes it easier for them to catch it as well.

Matt Ryan

3. Problems in tight windows. Related to with the soft pass, it is impossible for Ryan to get a pass in a tight window. His receivers need to be wide open to get the ball.

4. Lack of confidence. I dont have confidence in Matt Ryan in late game situtaitions because he doesnt appear to have confidence. I dont feel like the job is going to get done because it doesnt. Good quarterbacks can run out the clock when the game is on the line an we are clinging to the lead. Good quarterbacks will give you confidence in the last 2 minutes, ryan doesnt.

5. Poor passing on the run. Even if you are not mobile, some quarterbacks throw amazing passes on the run. Matt Ryan throws offline passes. At the end of amazing play, it is usually that the receiver made a great catch, not that ryan made a good throw.

With all that said, the Falcons seem to be winning the close games. They seem to win in a stupid fashion but they are somehow winning. Ill take a stupid win over a hard fought loss. We won the lions game, bucs game, saints game all on stupid wins. Lose those and we are having a very average year with no chance of the playoffs. All I ask is to get in the playoffs since anything can happen once we are there.


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Championship weekend NFL & NCAAF

Championship weekend NFL & NCAAF

I am nervous. The balance of the season for both the Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia Bulldogs rests on this weekend games.

Georgia has the SEC championship game first on Saturday. It is very straightfoward. If Georgia wins, they are in the final 4. If they lose, they are out of the final 4. Should they be out of the final 4 if they lose, I dont necessarily think so but the committee never cares about Georgia. In my mind, there should not be a scenario where Ohio State gets in. The ACC winner is in. The SEC winner is in. So two spots are gone. Oklahoma gets in if they win. Wisconsin gets in if they win. If Oklahoma loses, I think TCU should be in over Ohio State U because they won their division, and have two losses. If Ohio State wins out, Oklahoma should not drop past Ohio State because Oklahoma beat them in Ohio. What the committe will do to make themselves look better is make Ohio State 4th and make Oklahoma 6th and put Georgia in the middle at 5th. Realistically, unless georgia gets blown out, I dont think they should drop past 4th because I think they would be the best two loss team having lost to one team twice. If anything, if Clemson loses, they should grab the 4th spot. Ultimately, I think the committee will look to find a way to get Ohio State and Alabama into the mix. Hopefully Oklahoma and Wisconsin win and then the committee doesnt have much to decide.Championship weekend NFL & NCAAF

As for the NFL, the Falcons play the red hot Vikings. Fortunately the Saints and Panthers play and have the same record. The falcons are currently one game behind. In addition, the Seahawks play the Rams. So fortunately for the Falcons, the teams around them have to lose but falling two games behind the division leader puts them at a distinct disadvantage. The Falcons still have games left with their division foes so a loss could be overcome but leaves their backs against the wall and makes so they have to win every game the rest of the season.

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Michigan State

New Shape to BCS and the falcons stink

I thought Michigan state had this won once they got to overtime but as my sports life ultimately plays out, I was disappointed. So now Michigan State is out of the playoff hunt and can only play the spoiler. Michigan State

Michigan finally found a quarterback but a little too late but perhaps soon enough to be be a spoiler and knock Ohio State out of contention. 

Georgia looks amazing and I am excited about their impending clash with Alabama. Yes, I realize I am looking past Auburn but I think we will steamroll Auburn. Richt’s Miama stays undefeated but they dont look very good and they will lose in typical Richt fashion. 

Texas: I think they are headed in the right direction and are going to be awesome next year. 

The clear top 4 for for the BCS playoffs right now are: 1. Alabama 2. Georgia
3 & 4 gets dicey. Im sure Ohio State will be the most popular choice but they have lost. I reward not losing. Wisconsin should be 3 but they wont be. I think Miami should be 0000004 but they wont be. It will be Wisconsin. I think # 5 should be Notre Dame who has only lost to Georgia and the Penn State at 0000006. But the media and especially the well spoken Kirk Herbstreit will push for Ohio State at 0000003 or even 0000002. I love his analysis in general and if I were an Ohio State fan, I would love him even more because he finds whatever angle he can to make a push for Ohio State to be in the top 4. 

As for the NFL, I think Steve Sarkisian is only creative as a play caller if he is drinking. Just like all the great music in this world, it only comes when people are under the influence. I hope atlanta can turn this around.

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Falcons lose a close one

Falcons lose a close one

The Falcons finally lose. It was bound to happen at some point. Im still hungover and angry from the Superbowl loss. I attended the Lions vs Falcons game at Ford Field last week. Being a falcons fan and a lions fan I just wanted a clean game. I didnt get that. Falcons lose a close oneThe falcons showed me they still cant get pressure on the quarterback in the 4th quarter and the Lions suffered heartbreak. Fortunately for the Lions, they recovered with a strong defensive stand. The Falcons on the other hand still are showing lots of leaks. Matt Ryan is looking very average with lots of bad passes. I realize we lost our two best receivers but it shouldnt matter. And that last drive was disheartening. 3rd and one with about 54 seconds left, why not run it? I realize we have no timeouts left but then we have 4 throws after that. Sure the referees missed a pass interference call on 4th down but we need to make changes. Our offensive line doesnt get any push and our defensive line gets tired. Its a recipe for distaster. Through in the patriots loss two the Panthers ( a double whammy) and now the Falcons are only one game up.

The good thing is the Georgia Bulldogs looked impressive and are setting up an epic SEC championship showdown. The Bulldogs have their path layed down for them and their path is clear, even maybe with a hiccup along the way. Texas looked impressive as well and Michigan, although off this week, also has their path laid out for them.

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2017 Predictions in April

2017 Predictions in April

So far, here is what is happened in 2017.
I was at the Superbowl and was devasted with the Falcons collapse in a loss to New England. Roger Federer amazing adding to his major total by winning the Australian Open. North Carolina won the NCAA basketball championship with some shady officiating reminiscent of the Duke victory over Wisconsin 2 years ago where a person out of bounds got a favorable call. NCAA Football, Clemson beat Alabama. This one is the least matchable matchup. Alabama won recently so that fits the pattern however Clemson is not a traditional powerhouse.2017 Predictions in April

The pattern. The pattern this year is that a traditional victor who hasnt won in a while will win again, and likely in dramatic/contraversial fashion. The Fed came from behind in the 5th set. The Patriots came back from behind in a devasting comeback. UNC, likewise won.

My predictions going forward:
1. French Open Tennis Tournament: The pattern favors Nadal. He is the traditional favorite and has not won in awhile

2. Wimbledon Tennis Tourney: Either Federere or Djokovic. Both have won plenty in the past.

3. NBA Championship: A traditional favorite would be the San Antonio Spurs. They have dominated over the years but havent won for a few years which fits the pattern. Boston is a close second.

4. MLB World Series: In the American League, the yankees and BoSox fit the pattern. In the National League, the cardinals and giants fit the pattern and are more likely. The Cubs do not fit the pattern at all nor do the Indians.

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Jamaal Anderson

Back into Sports! Fall 2017

I’ve gotten through some personal turmoil and now can turn my attention back to sports. Admittedly, Im still heartbroken from the Falcons loss in the Superbowl but I also feel i was to blame due my personal turmoil giving bad juju to the falcons.

I feel good things are to come. I think the Falcons will come back strong. Im just praying there is not any type of Jamal Anderson injury early in the season. I still love the Patriots too so Im hoping for a rematch of the finals. I’ll be at the Falcons vs Lions game at Ford fieldJamaal Anderson

I also feel college football is going to go well. I think this is going to be a great year for 3 of my teams: U of Michigan will be in the final 4, Georgia will finish in the top 10, and Texas will finish in the top 20. I think all 3 will have what will considered a successful season.

Tennis: I am hopeful that The Fed comes back healthy. If not, I feel Kyrgios has a chance to win it all.

MLB: The braves and tigers and rangers and enjoying the basement. I am not sure who to root for. I guess i want the BoSox to rain on the parade of the Yankees and Dodgers.

Time to get back into sports, the only good thing about the fall.

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