Hawks trade breakdown: Hinrich for Bibby and Larry Drew

Mike Bibby
Mike Bibby

     I am a Mike Bibby fan and I am sad to see him go, however, I do understand that he is older now and not really that effective at this point in his career. Kirk Hinrich is an upgrade over anything we currently have in 2 guard spot but the problem with Hinrich is that in Chicago, they continued to draft point guards when they had him. Is Hinrich really a point guard, or is he more of a shooting guard? Either way it is an upgrade at a reasonable price.

I was also a fan of Maurice Evans but not in the way we used him. He is a serviceable backup who should play limited minutes, not be a major part of any lineup. I was also curious to see how Jordan Crawford developed but since Larry Drew is a Woodson protege, there was no chance he would instill confidence in young men. The picks are worthless for us since we would not use it well anyhow.

Hilton Armstrong could be a good pickup as well. He provides some height which we desperately need. I do not know too much about him overall though but with a contract less than one million per year, he is worth exploring if Drew uses him. Why is ZaZa Pachulia not playing?


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