French Open 2013 Predictions and NBA Finals Predictions

Here is all French Open 2013 Predictions and NBA Finals Predictions for you. Share what you think in the comment box.


Mens Draw: Nadal has looked shaky and the rain is not helping. I think he finally falters in the semis. The Djoker is moving on without any news. Djokovic wins another major

Womens Draw: No surprises here. Serena Williams steamrolls her way through the tournament without losing a set.

No elaborate guesses here, I just cant see those 2 losing.

2013 NBA Finals predictions

The Spurs are already in. Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals is tomorrow. I see the Miami Heat pulling through as one of their roll guys will have a great game. I see them winning by ten.

NBA Finals Predictions :
LeBron will continue to get the touch fouls and the Spurs will fall apart. I think the Spurs win one at home and and lose all the road games and lose in 5 to the Miami Heat. I hope I am wrong. I hope the Spurs play the Pacers.

Now we wait and see.


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