20 Awesome Text Messages

I saw various classic text messages and wanted to join the fun so I have put together 20 of the classic text message conversations. Some are scary, some are weird and some are funny. Here is theĀ 20 Awesome Text Messages

Old Navy Wrong number

wrong number boy

saying sorry wrong numberwrong number boy and girlfunney wrong number message20-funniest-answers-wrong-number-text-620-funniest-answers-wrong-number-text-720-funniest-answers-wrong-number-text-820-funniest-answers-wrong-number-text-920-funniest-answers-wrong-number-text-1020-funniest-answers-wrong-number-text-1120-funniest-answers-wrong-number-text-1220-funniest-answers-wrong-number-text-1320-funniest-answers-wrong-number-text-1420-funniest-answers-wrong-number-text-15




Finally, I hope you loved, liked and had fun by reading this 20 Awesome Text Message. Don’t forget to share your ones in the comment box.



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